NAJEX Youth Leadership Awards

NSW Association of Jewish Service & Ex-Service Men & Women (NAJEX) is pleased to announce the inauguration of its NAJEX Youth Leadership Awards.

These awards, modeled on the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Awards, are intended to perpetuate the memory of Jewish Service Men and Women and the service they gave to Australia and also to inspire Jewish youth to emulate them by seeking out opportunities to participate in service organisations on a full or part time basis.

Initially the awards will be made annually to one student in Year 11 of each of the 4 Sydney Jewish High Schools. Each school will choose the winner from its Year 11, based on personal qualities, such as, Integrity, Loyalty, Courage, Innovation and Teamwork, which in the view of NAJEX, the service men and women embodied.

Each award comprises a certificate, a book voucher and the winner’s name being included on an honour board.

NAJEX hopes that through this award, students will not only come to understand the enormous service that Jews have given in the ADF, but will also realise that there are excellent opportunities for them to serve their country Australia, full time or part time, whether in the Australian Defence Force or in other community service organisations, such as Fire & Rescue, Ambulance NSW, SES and so on.