Samuel (Sam) Goldman 1907 – 1984

Sam Goldman was thirty-four years old when he enlisted at Paddington on 29th August 1941. A successful businessman, he was initially offered a rank … Read more

Cpl Jacob (Jack) Neville Green

Cpl Jack Green (Service No NX174728)  served in Darwin with the Radio Engineers


Information and photograph of Jack Green was provided by his son, … Read more

Cpl Simon Green

Corporal Simon Green enlisted on 7 August 1916 and served in the 1st Battalion Pioneers in France and UK and returned to Australia on … Read more

Herbert Gruenewald 1915 – 2006

Herbert Gruenewald was born in 1915 in Rheinböllen, Germany and died in 2006 in Sydney, Australia.

The following was written by him and forms a … Read more

Dr William Arnold Hillman

William Arnold Hillman was born in Western Australia on 29 October 1914 and grew up in Sydney and became a doctor. He enlisted in the … Read more

Arnold Hyman 1921 – 1974

Arnold Hyman served in New Guinea in WWII. He was repatriated to Heidelberg hospital and then home to Sydney.

He rarely spoke of his service … Read more

Captain Ian Isaacs 1945 – 2009

Captain Ian Isaacs was a surgeon who served in the Australian Army in Vietnam.

He grew up in Kingsgrove NSW, attending the local primary school … Read more