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Welcome to NAJEX

NSW Association of Jewish Service & Ex-Service Men & Women (NAJEX) is one of the oldest Jewish organisations in Australia. Founded in 1920 its purpose is to perpetuate the memory and deeds of those Jews who served in Australia’s armed forces from the time of the Sudan Campaign right up to Afghanistan.

We hope that by educating people about the devotion and courage of these Jewish servicemen and women, we will inspire others to follow their example of service to our

wonderful country.

Our membership is open to Jewish active and former servicemen and women, their families and friends and others, whether

Jewish or not, who support our objectives.

For just $30 a year you can become a member of NAJEX and support and participate in our work.

Latest News

Add Your Hero to this Website

NAJEX has launched the ‘Heroes’ section of this website, enabling members of the community to display photographs and biographical details of their relatives who served in Australia’s armed forces or those any of our Allies, including partisans. In this way you can perpetuate their memory and honour their service. Many of the stories on the… Read more »

In Commemoration of Private Lawrence Saywell

A Jew, who like many others, enlisted as a Christian, Lawrence Saywell was the last Australian to die at the hands of the enemy in the European theatre of World War Two: on VE Day, 8 May 1945, alone in a field by a country lane, in the remote hills of Bohemia. To read his… Read more »