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Rem Day 2013 4The primary activities of NAJEX are to conduct the annual wreath-laying and commemoration services of the NSW Jewish community to mark
ANZAC Day (25 April) and Remembrance Day (11 November).

Remembrance plays a vital role in Jewish tradition and although the debt paid by those who gave their lives for their country and those who were wounded in body, mind or soul can never be repaid, we are duty bound to recall their sacrifices and in doing so we and our children benefit from the inspiration and example they provide.



SydneyJewishMuseumThe record of the contribution made by Jews of all ranks to the military campaigns and military history of Australia is very significant and quite disproportionate to the numbers of the Jewish community. Profiles of many of our servicemen and women from NSW can be found at Jewish Servicemen and Women

NAJEX seeks to educate both the Jewish

community and the wider community about this contribution and in doing so hopes to encourage young members of the Jewish community to support the ADF, to consider enlisting in the full or part time forces and to consider other ways in which they can serve their country.


Support of Serving Jewish Members of ADF

HMAS ToowoombaNAJEX supports serving Jewish members of the ADF (whether full or part time) in what ever way it can, particularly through its support of the Jewish chaplaincy. In the past the Jewish Chaplains have performed an important role in seeking to ensure that the religious needs of Jewish service personnel are catered for by the ADF.

NAJEX welcomes contact from serving Jewish members of the ADF about such matters. Please use

Contact Us


Service Funerals

GraveNAJEX is able to advise on the military aspects of funerals if this is requested by next of kin. See Funeral Protocol

NAJEX will also send a representative where possible.






helping_handNAJEX has a Welfare Officer who will contact members where he becomes aware of welfare issues. See Welfare





SpeakerNAJEX Is happy to provide a speaker for suitable occasions, eg ANZAC Day at Synagogues. Please use Contact Us