Traditionally the welfare of our members and their families has played an important role in NAJEX.

We wish to hear from members or their families who think that we could be of some assistance, particularly at times of illness, hospitalisation or on the passing of our members. We will always try to have a representative at the funeral of a member and to advise on or assist with the military aspects of a funeral where this is requested. (see Funeral Protocol.)

Please contact our Welfare Officer, Norm Symon for such matters, particularly where you become aware of a matter that our Board Members may not know, eg illness or death of another member or even someone who is just lonely.

We can also arrange a visit by a Chaplain or other appropriate Rabbi.

Norm Symon RFD ED Board Member

Norm Symon RFD ED, Vice President

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9363 0300 or (0468) 331 066

You can also contact a Board Member about these welfare related matters via Contact Us.