Funeral Protocol


If the relatives of a deceased person would like to have a military aspect to the funeral of their loved one, they are welcome to contact NAJEX at the contact details below.

We will assist by arranging for one of more of our members to attend the funeral and assist in the military aspect of the proceedings.

In a Jewish context, traditionally a military funeral involves:

  • placing an Australian National Flag on the coffin
  • placing the deceased’s military head-dress on the coffin
  • placing the deceased’s bayonet or sword on the coffin
  • placing a velvet cushion on the coffin on which rest the medals and decorations of the deceased
  • the recitation of the Ode of Remembrance
  • placing of a poppy on the coffin by ex-service comrades who line up to do this
  • before the coffin is lowered into the grave, the items resting on it are removed, the flag is folded and they are presented to the family or a close friend on behalf of the family.

The relatives of the deceased are able to choose which (if any) of these they would like. In particular the placing of the poppies may be seen as inconsistent with the Jewish tradition of not having flowers at funerals.

Should it be the wish of the family, the NAJEX representative at the Service can assist with these matters, including their conduct at the service and acting as pall bearers.

In appropriate cases a group of NAJEX members would also form up in military fashion.

If family members do not want to have a military aspect to the funeral, but would still like a representative of NAJEX to be present, NAJEX can be contacted at the details below and will try to arrange representation.

NAJEX Contact Details

Email [email protected] or [email protected]

Phone numbers NAJEX Welfare Officer, Norm Symon 9363 0300, (0468) 331 066

NAJEX President, (0419) 471 595